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Diet Sodas - simply a place for diet soda drinkers
Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi 
8th-Oct-2006 11:53 am
zellouisa / bw
Kicks Cherry Diet Coke's ass. I think I need to downgrade the Jazz flavors. Good old Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi is so much better.

15th-Nov-2006 12:54 pm (UTC)
Yep, I agree with both. I find I'm actually buying the WCDP as a first choice, instead of Coke. (And I never thought I'd prefer Pepsi to Coke. Dr. Pepper not included. *g*)

And yeah, I liked the Jazz for the first sip or two... but it got cloying really fast. Also loses its fizz and/or flavor when it starts to lose the fresh-from-the-fridge coldness.
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