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As an avid consumer of diet sodas, I've been in search of a website that ranks diet sodas. I'm always eager to try new diet sodas as they come on the market. A couple of days before creating this community, I found for the first time Jazz Diet Pepsi Strawberries & Cream. I like it, but I wonder if anyone else does, or will it suffer the same fate as Pepsi Twist and Diet Coke With Splenda?

I'm also always on the lookout for supermarket deals on 12-packs of sodas. I wish there was a website that could tell me that Kroger has all 12-packs of Coke products on sale for $2.50. Granted, a diet-specific site is not necessary for this, and ideally such a site could be regionalized, because nobody in California cares if Harris Teeter has 7-Up on sale. But some chains (like drugstores) are national, and irrelevant posts can simply be ignored.

I'm not an authority on diet sodas. I don't know the health dangers of aspartame or sucralose, and, frankly, I don't care to debate the nutritional qualities, or lack thereof, of diet sodas. I'm creating this community for people who like diet soda.